We’ll be Back!

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, UTMSFL’s leadership has decided to cease all of its activities for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year.

Does this have you worried? Want to still scratch your pro-life itch?

Fear not!

UTMSFL is well-connected with other-pro-life organizations in the GTA and beyond, and is more than ready to connect you with them to exercise your pro-life muscles from now until September. Whether it is with The Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform (they have an office right here in Mississauga), or with the Toronto-based National Campus Life Network (with an internship to boot), or with the very active Toronto Against Abortion team found across the city, one is well-placed to be “pro-life”-ically active outside of school. Each organization has particular strengths and focuses, one which is best explained by the people who work there.

We hope you have a good exam season, and a pleasant summer to come. Look for us as we shake up the campus again in September!

For Life,

Chad Hagel, President