Activism Testimony from Maria

Over the next few weeks, UTMSFL will be showcasing activism testimonies from several volunteers, about how hearts and minds have been, are, and will continue to be changed and challenged on campus. Here is part one of the series:

Abortion is age-based discrimination. Check out this conversation that Maria, one of our recent volunteers, had about personhood and ageism:

“During activism, a young man asked me why I was there showing people pictures of aborted fetuses. I explained to him that throughout history, different groups of humans had been stripped of their personhood and human rights because of factors like their gender or race, and that today, an entire class of human beings in Canada had no human rights because of their age – because they were living in the first 9 months of life. Before I even explained further, he said, ‘Yeah, all the arguments go back to their age.’ We spoke for a few minutes longer, and before leaving he told me, ‘If your goal was to get me thinking, you’ve definitely succeeded.'”